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“I feel I am on the right track to weight loss by eating the right healthy foods that i like best and exercising every day. With the help of Wisconsin Hypnosis and the Cd’s. I look forward to going for long walks daily.” – Don Wollersheim, Fond Du Lac

“After one week, I was drinking water (which I couldn’t stand) instead of soda. I also was a night eater, get up in the middle of the night, not even hungry and eat quick foods. This last week only got up once and had a couple of slices of apple!” Shari, Sturgeon Bay

“Before I came to Wisconsin Hypnosis, I was frustrated with my weight, with snacking in the evening and feeling like it was too much work to change and I kept slipping back, focusing on the negative connotation of “diet”. After 3 sessions, I have lost 16 lbs, do not have the desire to snack at night and enjoy physical exercise. I feel I have control and am more positive, feeling good about myself and my progress so far.” Diane Streubel, Green Bay

“When I started this process, I had numerous goals in mind. One of my goals was to get off of my high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Week 6 of the program, I went for my routine physical. Lab work was completed for my cholesterol. The numbers came back and it was all within normal limits (ALL). I no longer take Tri-Cor for cholesterol. I was amazed and my Doctor was amazed.” Wendy Enfors, Green Bay

“I have learned a tremendously huge thing about hypnosis. It has not only taught me to QUIT SMOKING, but awoke me to a new way of thinking about myself. I TRULY FEEL INSIDE so much more happier about who I am. I have been taught to eliminate negative habits and feelings. I have gone through life DAILY with a lot of highs + lows, those have drastically subsided. I love it. Thank you for the wonderful education. For Those who don’t believe please start, your life is worth it.” Kathy Syring, ButteDesMorts

“My name is Heather. I am 43. I smoked for close to 30 years. I trued to quit smoking w/ the patch the 1st time, it lasted 2 1/2 months(no doubt, I was still getting nicotine in my system), the second time I quit was cold turkey-lasted 5 1/2 months-the urge: wanting to start smoking was always there-THIS was my 3rd choice-Hypnosis & my LAST. I am so thankful for god leading me in this path because He was w/ me during the entire time- If you are ready to quit, I highly recommend you choose this route.” Heather Van Hoot, Kaukauna

“I was unsure of how much hypnosis could possibly help me quit smoking. After 10 years of smoking and trying every single quitting method known to man, this was my last option. It took me a few more sessions than “normal” but they didn’t give up on me and something finally clicked. I now know how to use hypnosis to relieve stress, be more confident and be a happy non-smoker! I have to admit, the future looks and feels much brighter! I wish I would have done this much sooner.” Shauna Lardinois, Green Bay

“When I first started this program I was very very skeptical I thought “oh yeah right another gimmick” but I was intrigued that other people did try it  + had results I heard so often before “Keep and open mind” It Worked! It just did. Without realizing I was changing my habits. I was changing them, I did take control. I did lose weight, I do sleep sounder, I do feel better about me.” Patty Trinker, Green Bay

“I had been ‘dealing’ with phone + email anxiety for as long as I could remember. I have been curious about hypnosis for some time now + finally decided to take action + see if it could help me. I came in doubtful, but can say that after my 2nd session I quite a noticeably reduced the anxiety I felt when dealing with phone + email. It feels great to have moved passed something that felt insurmountable.” Alex Nelson, Neenah

“First off I would like to Thank you! I knew the road I wanted, but I didn’t know just how to get there.  Now I feel like I have a GPS biult in. Life is good and I feel I can enjoy it more. So live to ride every day.” Jim Brunner, Green Bay

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